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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  October 12, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: what do you guys any should i turn my baseball cap around today, in honor of little eddie munster getting his ass kicked last night. [ laughter ] >> no. >> i would say people of any age should not have their hat on backward.
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oh, you mean about the debate? >> stephanie: yeah, everybody focus. >> he killed it. >> i loved the visual of eddie munster, adam's apple bouncing up and down -- >> stephanie: he looked like he was at the kids' table. >> was he drinking or drowning. >> stephanie: all right. lots of great guests but first jacki schechner news superstar. >> good morning. happy friday. any one see any debates lately. if you are scoring this thing on the most basic level, we have ours a tie. here is president obama on air force one watching his veep on stage in kentucky. he called biden afterwards that
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and said he could not be prouder with him and put out a official tweet and said you won't find a more tireless fan of the middle class than joe biden. >> a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. >> how biden reacted is getting some attention this morning. he made it abundantly clear he smiled when he thought ryan was
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lying. republicans are trying to paint that as smirky mocking. we're back with more after the break. stay with us. use as directed. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] safe driving bonus check? what is that? so weird, right?
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you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller.
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>>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: everybody put on their best joe biden smile. >> that was a big f-ing deal.
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>> so you are jack kennedy now. >> i think biden has been to gary busy's dentist. >> stephanie: i love geraldo called him overdramatic. it is fridays you know what that means. ♪ fugelsang fugelsang, fugelsang ♪ ♪ he's so fine ♪ ♪ fugelsang, fugelsang, fugelsang ♪ >> you came up on our monitor yesterday, and everybody on the studio again went oh my god. >> stephanie: oh, he's so handsome. >> oh, that? >> stephanie: yes. >> i'm only coming on your show to hear my new theme song. [ laughter ] >> great job last night. you showed the viewers you do
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have a top to your head stephanie. >> stephanie: thank you. we're at the kid's table in l.a. you did a great job with the adults in new york. >> stephanie: we were saying. i haven't looked at all of the polls, but jim what is the cbs one -- 50-31 biden. and the cbs poll shows that ryan won. >> really? >> stephanie: i did catch a little morning joe on the way out. i get it john you deal with these people all the time. we're very very excited about
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paul ryan's big win. >> and in related news the cubs just won the pennant. >> fox news says opinions differ. but even the "new york post"s that biden just owned it. paul ryan didn't embarrass himself. i don't think he beat paul ryan so much as he helped the president a lot. >> stephanie: can you imagine paul ryan as president. he looked about 12. >> i called child protection services when i saw an old man beating up an and little boy. >> you know what hurts ryan is he always buys his suits too big.
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>> you may ask yourself how do these numbers add up. >> stephanie: joe biden is having a scotch right now. while paul ryan's mom is putting his debate participation certificate on the refrigerator. >> i thought ryan did okay. >> stephanie: yeah. >> but biden took the narrative back from him time and time again. and i thought biden didn't go in for the kill on so many moments. >> you could tell that biden was really experienced and romney was not >> stephanie: here is joe last night. >> stop talking about how you care about people. show me something. show me a policy where you take responsibility. and by the way they talk about this great recession as if it fell out of the sky. it came from this man voting to put two wars on a credit card
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at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card, a trillion dollars tax cut for the very wealthy. i was there, i voted against him. i said no, we haven't afford that. and now all of a sudden these guys are so seized about the debt that they created. ♪ let's hear it for the boys ♪ >> stephanie: it's hard for me to be right all the time john. >> it is awful. >> stephanie: it is awful. because i have been saying -- everybody -- just calm settle. >> it must be nice to always believe you know better so always think you are the smartest person in the room. it's awful. [ laughter ] [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: we did to be panicky.
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>> what do you mean panicky! >> this is a time when we -- >> stephanie: we were talk about this yesterday. new polls suggest democratic freakout may be premature. while mitt romney clearly did some damage, but the swing state polls -- which chris you have been saying the national they have been kind of the same all along. the swing state polls still show obama with advantage in key states. most importantly ohio. let's see obama winning ohio -- this is important -- obama winning ohioans who have already cast their ballot by 63%. virginia, cbs "new york times" found obama gaining on mitt
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romney. and then "new york times" put wisconsin at 50-47. >> okay. >> stephanie: so anyway -- but that's all i'm saying. >> jacki schechner just tweeted something interesting. cnn polled 381 people. in what universe is that a reliable source of anything. >> stephanie: yeah, they put that up this morning. >> 381 people? >> and one was a democrat. >> stephanie: yeah and all of the other ones show what a 20-point bump. >> here we go. >> this benghazi issue would be
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a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it's indicative of a bigger problem, and that's the unravelling of the obama foreign policy. >> with all due respect, that is a bunch of malarky. this lecture on embassy security. the congressman cut embassy security by $300,000 more than we asked for, number 1. number 2 governor romney before he knew the facts or knew that our ambassador was killed, we was out making a statement to media around the world. and this weakness i don't understand what my friend is talking about here. this president has said everything he said he was going to do. >> stephanie: it was just a
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think of beauty. he was really strong of look this is the intelligence we had. and this is why we're doing an investigation. and i think that's why it was good that the vice president highlighted romney shooting his mouth off before he knew anything. >> yeah, the vice president handled that issue really well but the libya thing is what they are going to use to flog the president until election day. you are going to see such an exploitfest for this ambassador a man who was never allowed to marry if he was living in this country -- a man who was killed because the republicans voted to defund security, and yet they will exploit this man's death -- after 9/11 if we ever criticized bush or condoleezza rice. if we did that it was a terrorist attack. not anymore. >> stephanie: we talked
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about -- the most disgusting thing was mitt romney using this killed navy seal like they were party buddies. and the mother had to stay stop it. and his friend said that the guy thought romney was a total -- pathetic. he came up to him four times at a party and reintroduced himself. he is so phony. >> phony or insane. [ mocking laughter ] >> they don't like joe biden laughing at a debate but if it's a nervous laugh -- [ mocking laughter ] >> hi, i'm mitt romney -- hi i'm mitt romney -- hi i'm mitt romney. >> stephanie: julie tweeted republicans cheered that the moderator -- and biden's smile
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was code for see that other guy he is completely full of [ censor bleep ] >> malarky. >> stephanie: and as you said chris, martha raddatz did really well. >> the right-wing hates martha raddatz this morning -- >> stephanie: what i thought it was paul ryan's big win. why wouldn't they be thrilled? >> when you look at how the democrats responded after the debate if the democrats said romney won on performance but the president clearly won on substance facts and numbers. but the democrats did flip out -- as soon as the republicans began slamming martha raddatz, you knew they knew paul ryan hadn't won. >> stephanie: yeah, and what was i going to say -- i can't
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remember now. >> something about amnesia. >> >> stephanie: yeah something about add. we have representative john [ inaudible ] and we have a whole hour with fridays with fugelsang as we continue on the "stephanie miller show." >> well, i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only
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truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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♪ bad, bad ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ baddest -- >> announcer: girl. >> gretchen carlson is a drama queen. she said joe biden was offensive to her as a woman and a midwesterner. >> what does gretchen carlson mean whenever she opens her trap. [♪ "jeopardy" theme music ♪] >> stephanie: really top format sean for someone or anybody to go up against joe biden paul
6:23 am
ryan was underfoot because of the moderator allowing joe biden to take control of the situation. who said that? >> sean hannity. >> stephanie: no sarah palin. >> i think that but snarky but it was an actual comment. >> stephanie: yes. >> wow. >> after the way jim lehrer -- lindsay lohan just endorsed romney. >> stephanie: i think that says it all. >> paul ryan criticizing the stimulus is like the lohan family criticizing the cocaine
6:24 am
industry. >> stephanie: good morning dana. >> caller: good morning. great job last night, guys loved it. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: my grandma used to say malarky. great word. i thought he was bril yebt. i thought he was on point. i thought that ryan was ill prepared about afghanistan. he sounded almost stupid. he didn't know what he was talking about. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and my favorite line was just get out of the way, referring to the congress. just get out of the way. it was brilliant. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and zaun hannity is unhinged. he is frightening. i mean -- as chris said the other day, desperation and i thought it was brilliant and fantastic, and i am really reenergized today. and can you give a shout out to
6:25 am
my brother mark. >> stephanie: hi mark. >> we had to keep rewinding because we were laughing so hard. so how can you blame joe biden for laughing the lies are astounding. >> stephanie: it really was a great technique. >> caller: yeah. >> stephanie: that was a way of non-verbally going -- >> caller: exactly. he was just like are you kidding me? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and i thought he was brilliant. and one last thing that paul ryan said about if your faith doesn't drive you to everything you do in your life that is going to haunt him. because he is saying the michele bachmann thing now, that my faith really predicts everything i do. and i think that is going to hurt him. >> and i was glad joe biden at
6:26 am
least mentioned catholic social doctrine last night. >> stephanie: i wish he would have brought up the nuns on the bus -- >> yeah, and show the rift between romney and ryan. but paul ryan said exactly what romney said. he does support abortion in cases of rape and incest. now paul ryan wants to repeal roe v. wade but still allow abortion cases of rape and incest. >> stephanie: exactly. >> and biden owned it when he
6:27 am
said they were sending afghan troops and not american troops. laughing at your own lies is okay. laughing at the other guys' guys is rude. >> stephanie: yeah, and he just sort of disembowled this whole tax plan thing. he sounded like an eight year old, you can cut taxes by 20% -- >> sanit a cartoon once. >> stephanie: and biden is like not mathematically possible. >> and he's like you can -- biden is like it has never been done. >> no society has ever done what they are trying to do. the president is capable of this voice, but boy joe biden did a great job. >> stephanie: joe biden last night. >> when governor romney was asked about it he said we have to keep these sang
6:28 am
-- sanctions. do you want to go to war? >> we want to prevent war. >> there is nothing more that they say we should do that we haven't already done. >> stephanie: and a lot of what romney has laid out is either aboutly what the obama administration is doing or it is no nonspecific that joe biden is like what do you want to do? >> don't be afraid progressives when they say when are you going to quit blaming bush. when are you going to accept that it was bush. >> stephanie: exactly. twenty nine minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ]
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>> announcer: stephanie miller. >> she just made me laugh for ten minutes straight and when i had had enough she stopped. >> stephanie: thirty-four minutes before the top of the hours after the hour. fridays with fugelsang, who has his own show tonight. >> it's on at 6:00 and 9:00. our guests include governor
6:34 am
jennifer grandholm, tim dickenson, and johnny rodman of the sex pistols. >> stephanie: wow! >> that's awesome. >> stephanie: we were saying last night she played sarah palin last time in joe biden's debate practice. >> and give her a big dating game kiss for us. >> oh, that will be mentioned. >> oh, cool. >> stephanie: and tickets going fast for new york. and i have another celebrity guest panelist. >> are we going to leek? >> can you give a hint? >> stephanie: no. >> there is two and they are
6:35 am
both really cool -- >> it might help sell tickets. >> maybe it's clint eastwood in an empty chair. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: that's it. the debate was in kentucky last night? >> that's right. >> stephanie: what is our other favorite thing that happened in kentucky? congress john yarmuth. good morning. >> good morning. i got to talk to joe about the debate. yo is joe, and he was very pleased with the way it went. >> stephanie: i bet. >> yeah and he was -- he finally pointed out so many of the flaws and emptiness of the
6:36 am
romney/ryan ideas, and the things they say just don't add up. and they clearly demonstrated a superiority to paul ryan. he did what he had to do. i was saying yesterday best thing he could do was to reenergize the democrats. >> stephanie: yeah. >> and we did that. >> stephanie: tommy one of our listeners just wrote in biden hits ryan for writing for stimulus money. >> yes. and even though i know there is all of this discussion in the pundit-ocracy about interrupting. every time he said that's not true. that's not true. and that's enough in many cases just to say, no you are lying,
6:37 am
basically. and i think that narrative now because of ryan's performance at the republican convention and the fact-checking comments -- excuse me -- the fact-checker comments and so forth, the narrative will persist that what romney and ryan say all the time just can't factual. >> stephanie: here is a new word for winning, in right-wing world, it's rude. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: yeah, that's the thing, don't lie so much and i won't have to interrupt so much. >> yeah, that's the one thing i wish he had said when ryan said the people would be better served if we didn't interrupt each other so much. if biden would have said the people would be better served if you didn't lie so much.
6:38 am
>> stephanie: yeah. and what were some of your other favorites. >> the afghanistan discussion i thought was pretty compelling. where ryan kept saying it's the most dangerous part of the country, and biden saying and you want to send americans there? i thought he made that case as strongly as it could be made. >> stephanie: yes, almost everybody has commented on the afghanistan stuff. >> and also the second segment, where biden said you all need to show responsibility and really cast that 99% 1% and the 47% that romney thinks don't take responsibility for themselves i thought was very strong. >> stephanie: how much do we love him calling him my friend.
6:39 am
>> and i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters. but go to our website, he sent me two letters saying by the way can you send me stimulus money for here in wisconsin. >> you did ask for stimulus. >> we advocated for constituents who are applying for groups. >> i love that. this is such a bad program, he writes a letter saying the reason we need this stimulus it will create growth and jobs. i wish he would just -- be a little more candid. >> stephanie: that was awesome. >> yeah. mitch mcconnell in spite of talking about the failed stimulus, he always requested about $200 million of stimulus
6:40 am
money. >> stephanie: yeah. and requested obamacare funds in wisconsin. >> yeah, it's amazing. >> stephanie: like i say, i think now the president is teed up perfectly for the next debate? >> absolutely. but i still think that the president has a great opportunity. all he has to do is put forward a little bit of an agenda for the four years ahead, and i think it's over. he -- he really hasn't done that yet, and i was talking about that yesterday. if he just took some elements of his jobs act, say we're going to create a infrastructure to fund roads and bridges and so forth. change immigration laws so we get the brightest mines in the world to the united states just four or five things i think that puts it out of reach for
6:41 am
romney. >> stephanie: yep. one other favorite moment. >> there aren't enough rich people to tax to pay for all of their spending. the next time you hear them say don't worry about it watch out middle class, the tax bill is coming to you. we can cut tax rates by 20% -- >> it has never been done before. >> it has been done a couple of times. >> it has never been done before. >> jack kennedy lowered rated -- >> oh now you are jack kennedy. [ laughter ] >> one of the astounding things about this whole thing, and the vice president make the point last night but romney in the first debate said he is not going to cut taxes on people. they will pay the same amount if that is it where is his job program? if he is not going to reduce their taxes, where is his job
6:42 am
program? he doesn't have one. >> stephanie: yeah. >> this whole thing about raising taxes on small business banks is hysterical. ryan said 53% of income would fall under small business income. but 53% of small business income is earned by 3% of the businesses. they are not small businesses. they are very profitable organizations. >> stephanie: exactly. i couldn't be happier -- what -- obviously you have been talking to a lot of people since the debate. what was your sense? >> i thought everybody on our side thought it was a home run. and i'm not the first one to say this, but the fact that the republican were harping on joe being ruud and smiling too much
6:43 am
understand that they lost on substance substantially. they took a beating last night. >> stephanie: exactly. representtive yarmuth thank you so much for basking in the glow with us. >> thank you for not calling me last week. [ applause ] >> what would my friend do differently. he never answer the question. >> we would not be going through the un in all of these things -- >> you don't go through the un. we are in the process now and have been for months in making sure that help humanitarian aid is getting to those forces that we believe the turks believe, the jordanians believe, the saudis believe that that is the
6:44 am
thing to do. >> stephanie: yeah, you are not doing it right. >> these things are always more about tone than the words. and i think it's true across the board that whoever looks like they are having the most fun wins the debate. and i think joe biden was having fun last night. >> stephanie: exactly. some of the sound bite we played from bill clinton yesterday, how much fun is he having? >> yeah. >> stephanie: the fun the president was having the next day at his expense, he has got to get some of that mojo. >> yeah, and he went in thinking he was debating conservative mitt. >> stephanie: yeah. do you think he is allowed to have bill clinton poke his head out from the side and say modern
6:45 am
mitt where you been boy? 45 minutes of the hour. right back with the remaining moments of fridays with fugelsang. >> makes me sick in a wonderful, wonderful way. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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he's at it again. >>it's michael moore here to see the chairman. >>and this time he's serious. >>we want our money back. >>no filmmaker is more "current" than michael moore. >>there's no in between no more. there's the people that got it
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all and the people that have nothing. >>welcome to the housing crash. >>boom! >>do not be afraid. federal prison is a nice place. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ your walk and talk really sets me off to a full alarm child ♪
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[ laughter ] >> stephanie: ummm. it is the "stephanie miller show." fifty minutes after the hour. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: joe biden kicked as. john fugelsang getting ready for his big show tonight, "so that happened," fabulous. speaking of fabulous joe biden last night. >> out shouldn't be surprising for a guy who says # 7% of the american people are unwilling to take responsible for their own lives. 30% of the american people are takers. these people are my mom and dad. my neighbors. they pay more effective tax than governor romney pays in their income taxes. i have had it up to here with this notion that 47% -- it's about time they take some responsibility here. and instead of signing pledges to grover nor quest not to ask
6:51 am
the wealthiest among us to contribute to bring back the middle class, they would be signing a pledge saying to the middle class, we're going to level the playing field. >> stephanie: yay. yay. drret go ahead. >> caller: i wanted to thank you for keeping me sane that's first. >> stephanie: oh, thank you. >> caller: and i wanted to make three quick comments if i could. if all republicans had to talk about were biden's teeth we're in good shape. >> that's right. >> caller: but i am ronny that romney is up by seven in florida. >> stephanie: i have seen two different polls that one i'm not
6:52 am
seeing. >> caller: oh, okay. i saw that on the internet. >> stephanie: let me dig through. nbc found them tied. >> caller: all right. and i loved jim ward's impersonation of groucho. >> thank you. >> caller: and finally i want to thank john for the best interview of ed asner last week. >> thank you. he really, really came out criticizing obama heavily from the left. but i did him to say he would most likely vote for the president. >> caller: i met him at a
6:53 am
charity event, and he is a real humanitarian. >> oh, yeah. >> we caught him licking the poster of you out in the lobby. >> stephanie: yeah, we likes me. >> johnny rodden, and ed asner basically the same guest. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: let's go to mark in virginia. >> caller: how are you doing steph? on starring points he was talking about an article from the "washington post" where joe biden was supposedly disrespectful at times. you have the governor of arizona putting her finger in the president's face. you have joe wilson calling the president a liar.
6:54 am
and [ inaudible ] and you have an msnbc analyst calling the president a dick -- are you kidding me? >> stephanie: exactly, well said. >> i hope bill o'reilly interrupts the president again -- >> stephanie: exactly. how many times did he interrupt the president? >> 87,000 times in one interview. >> stephanie: let's go to linda in wisconsin. >> caller: i just wanted to make a comment about last night's debate. first i thought joe biden was fantastic, and paul ryan kept saying that they plan on being bipartisan, and that's how they are going to get things done. yeah did you like joe biden say
6:55 am
he is talking about this congress with 7% approval rate? are you kidding me? >> caller: yeah and i wonder why there aren't other comments about a one-term president -- we're the party of no. the party of no is bipartisan? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: that was the one thing i was screaming about all last night. whenever he said we're going to accomplish thing bipartisan. i said pile of bs you guys. >> stephanie: yeah, there are always armchair quarterbacks. i thought joe pretty much nailed it. >> there were a couple of things he missed. >> couple of things he missed but i'm glad he said 47%.
6:56 am
the interruptions didn't help him, but i think he did great. >> stephanie: and don't you think martha raddatz took a lesson from jim lehrer -- >> it also helped that she was sitting at the same table as them. >> stephanie: yeah. poor jim lehrer -- >> i'm still here. but -- but -- but -- i -- but -- you -- but -- okay. >> stephanie: big bird costume hottest costume for halloween. gawker says slutty jim lehrer anyone? [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: no. i saw the slutty big bird and it's not very slutty. it includes short yellow ruffled dress with orange knee highs and
6:57 am
pink accent. >> wow. >> what are we coming to as a culture when our slutty girl halloween costumes aren't that funny. >> i saw a slutty teenager landing year? >> stephanie: i'm not a parent but why are parents dressing their daughters like hookers? john fugelsang his show coming up tonight what time? >> 6:00 and 9:00 eastern time. >> stephanie: and live with me and the rest of the sexy liberal at the huge sexy liberal show. thank you, honey. >> i'll see you guys.
6:58 am
>> stephanie: we continue on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." enttv
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♪ man, jacki schechner. >> your little ban doe skirt last night was the size of a band-aid. >> stephanie: that skirt was like a turn any indicate and i still lost the tart off. didn't you love that point, i
7:57 am
heard that from sarah palin last debate. >> he was well prepared. >> stephanie: the president said joe biden was terrific and it raises the bar for him. and we know the president has a competitive streak too. so i think he is going to ring it next time what do you think? >> i hope so. >> stephanie: he has got this [ censor bleep ]. >> we raised the bar. not the kind of bar we like. >> stephanie: no we'll be there later. here she is bellying up to the news bar. jacki schechner. >> dick durbin says expect joe biden's performance from last night to have an impact on president obama for his next presidential debate this coming tuesday. it is expected to energize him. meanwhile bide sen looking to get feedback on the road today. he and his wife are campaigning
7:58 am
in lacrosse, wisconsin. mitt romney is also out on the road. he has a rally in richmond virginia. since the candidates are on the road, let's talk about cars specifically that ryan's allegation that the obama administration wasted money on electric cars in finland. they did get a loan to create electrical cars. it only spent about $193 million before it lost the loan. and also it's important to know that loan originated in 2007 with a program for advanced auto
7:59 am
technology, originated with george w. bush. we are back with more steph after the break. stay with us. ♪ thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll.
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> stephanie: uh-huh. oh yeah, it is. i'm wearing by roller derby shirt in honor of joe biden
8:03 am
bouncing paul ryan in the boards. the president >> obama: i thought joe biden was wonderful tonight. he made a very strong case and his passion for making sure that the economy gross for the middle class came through and i'm really proud of him. [ applause ] >> stephanie: by the way. thank you, everybody for all of your kind words on our current special. >> yeah. >> stephanie: hopefully we'll get big baffle ratings. john did not care for us. oh, my steph are you that uneducated just to spew high school humor for a buck.
8:04 am
we didn't even get that. let's talk about the cluster [ censor bleep ]. >> steph got three i will mows. >> that's usually the time we are preparing for the next day's radio show. we can read articles for tomorrow's show -- >> stephanie: i was drinking. but they all came to my house, so it actually cost them gas money. >> and it also caused a stapler to be thrown at my head because that's probably why i didn't that afghanistan sound bite. >> you are fired. >> stephanie: john continues you are disgusting. sure hope you are better to cope with a better life that will
8:05 am
come your way if you change your views. >> he is just mad because biden cleaned ryan's clock. >> stephanie: whatever. let's return shall be. ♪ return to bender ♪ >> stephanie: david bender our buddy our pal! [ applause ] >> stephanie: here he is. >> good morning ms. miller. the one thing that disappointed me about last night was actually you. you have lost your title. you have lost your crown. you are no longer the nation's biggest happy clappy liberal. that now goes to joe biden. the happiest clappiest guy i
8:06 am
have ever seen. >> stephanie: yeah isn't that something. we were just comparing it to the great bill clinton tape. there really is something to be said for jumping down. >> bill clinton jumping up and down? >> stephanie: yes. >> and the guy has had bypass surgery, can you calm it down a notch, bill. but exactly, he was amazing. who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes. joe biden did everything you predicted, stephanie. you predicted this was going to happen. >> stephanie: i said he is going to make mincemeat out of him. >> you did. and who eats mincemeat anyway? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> here is what is so interesting about the whole process. is you get these moments. there was one moment late in the debate, and you talked about it
8:07 am
earlier on where they got into choice, they got into abortion and here was paul ryan saying our ticket believes absolutely we don't want unelected judges making this decision. wouldn't you have loved to have a tape of mitt romney saying sure i would love a court to overturn roe v. wade. the unelected judges can make this decision if they vote my way. that's one inconsistency. but the other one is this is the same paul ryan that coauthored legislation that did not exclude in the case of rape. so has he just done a 180 on what he believes life is.
8:08 am
but on something as -- as so morally important to this guy, he basically said -- forget everything i have said before. i now think it is okay to kill, you know, children where i said before it wasn't okay to kill children, but never mind what i said. and that went unchallenged. we heard the vice president' s response, but paul ryan got off the hook on that. >> stephanie: yeah, we were saying, jim -- there's obviously a bunch of polling showing biden won going away. and lot of people were talking about the snap poll. as jacki was saying 381 people and cnn poll was skewed with a
8:09 am
crowd more heavily favored for republicans. >> and in fairness to the cbs poll, it didn't have a much bigger sampling. sadly we're truth tellers here -- and none of those polls -- they give you an indication of trends. forget about the snap polls, how are people playing this out. i watched the morning shows today, and clearly the clips are favoring biden. when it looked like occasionally the smile was a little over the top, on a split screen that can happen. the still shots of the vice president make him look like he is having the best time ever. the phrase of happy warrior.
8:10 am
and hubert humphrey -- david freye, here -- here is the thing. if you have a candidate who looks like he is having a good time. mitt romney did look like he was having a good time last week and he should have. but last night the guy who really came across -- by take on any of these things is all of us watch it from beginning to end. most people, most people just pass by the tv set for 30 seconds, and they look at what they see on camera and they look that there are two guys. and they say a guy who is happy and comfortable in his own skin
8:11 am
and if you go back to the dick cheney, john edwards debate, where john kerry clearly won the first debate. the incumbent president was on the ropes. it was dick cheney who calmed everything down and cleaned john edward's clock. and frankly in retrospect he shouldn't have even owned a clock. but there is a pattern here. and bush came back in the next debate and i think we'll see that happen next week. >> stephanie: i do too. david you and i will watch it together in our smoking jackets and cocktails. >> it has to be pajamas. >> stephanie: andrew in california thinks i won the tart-off. good morning andrew.
8:12 am
>> caller: you mentioned the skirt -- we didn't get to see it. >> stephanie: really, then they shot it differently this time. >> they put jacki on the end there, and you could see her legs. when you guys see the shot of the calfs, you never nately got that one. >> stephanie: thank you. >> but both were better than paul ryan's calfs. >> caller: oh, yeah, i don't workout, and i have better calfs than paul ryan does. [ laughter ] >> caller: in the same way president obama had to learn, the next time you guys do the predebate thing, you have to work the camera a little bit
8:13 am
better to your advantage too. >> stephanie: right. i'm going to make her wear a parka and leggings and put baby in the corner. >> i would suggest a slightly longer skirt. >> stephanie: really? >> there was a danger. >> stephanie: there was not. >> well . . . [ laughter ] >> stephanie: phil good morning. >> caller: goment. i looked at the cnn poll randomly called after the debate. >> so there was nothing scientific about that one. it was scientific. and the cnn poll ryan won by
8:14 am
four points. nine points with swing voters, and ten points on likability. >> stephanie: uh-huh. >> so from my vantage point you can't say there is a bunch of polls saying biden won. >> stephanie: what are you saying is scientific or not? >> caller: scientific is random sampling. the cbs poll was not random sampling. those people were previously selected and it was an online poll. the cnn poll -- >> stephanie: how can they know ahead of time what is going to happen. >> they know ahead of times they are going to be asked after words. matter of fact a lot of them didn't have computers -- >> stephanie: all right.
8:15 am
we have to go to break. >> it seems to me if you call people randomly out of the phone back that's not very scientific at all. >> right. >> stephanie: eightteen minutes after the hour, right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ baby can you feel it the
8:19 am
beat is on ♪ >> stephanie: that's funny. someone sent me this split screen of paul ryan gulping compulsively on his sippy cup. [ baby crying ] >> stephanie: who needs a juice box? >> he needed about 18 of them last night. >> he wasn't drinking his adam's apple was like -- >> stephanie: that is a sign of nerves. he was drinking a lot. >> yeah. >> something we would know nothing about. >> stephanie: no. no. markos moulitsas coming up at the bottom of the hour. tina in california you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i watched the debate last night and i about did a
8:20 am
spit take when martha raddatz asked paul rand -- >> stephanie: paul ryan. >> caller: yeah, well what he would bring to the office -- he said honesty. >> stephanie: yeah. he, he. >> caller: i thought god was strike him with lightning. >> stephanie: yeah. all right. here is joe biden audio goodness. >> stop talking about how you care about people. show me something. show me a policy where you take responsibility. and they talk about this great recession as if it fell out of the sky. it came from this man voting to two wars on a credit card and at the same time put a prescription drug benefit on the credit card a trillion dollars tax cut for the very wealthy. i was there. i woed against it. and now these guys are so seized
8:21 am
about the debt that they created. >> stephanie: kevin in florida. hey, kev. >> caller: oh, wow, i'm on. it takes a lot of dedication to get on this show. >> stephanie: i know i'm sorry. >> caller: number one, fugelsang most brilliant man i have ever heard. number 2, stephanie, geez i would like to turn you. [♪ magic wand ♪] >> stephanie: oh really. >> caller: but i know that isn't going to happen. >> stephanie: maybe i just haven't seen yours yet. >> caller: and listen mooks you guys are just collecting a paycheck from yesterday. >> stephanie: are you drunk? >> caller: you think? >> stephanie: he started a little early -- >> and we weren't collecting a paycheck. >> stephanie: that's right. joe in d.c. you are on the "stephanie miller show."
8:22 am
welcome. joe. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i was flabbergasted last night to see mitt romney do a walk-on on the david letterman show. it was pitiful, his one statement was i'm mitt romney elect me so that america can finally have a president that looks like a game show host. it was sad. >> stephanie: yay, mitt romney trying comedy again. let's go to dave in long beach. >> caller: hi, stephanie. i got to agree with my right-wing friends i have never seen such disrespect. it was almost like biden called his opponent a little boy lying to his daddy. >> well it was obvious just looking at the two of them.
8:23 am
ryan was so nervous and gulping -- >> caller: i'm comparing it to what romney said about obama. >> stephanie: so, saying my boys all lie like you, basically. >> caller: yeah, he's not talking about them now. he is talking about when they were growing up. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. >> hum. >> okay. >> in other words, boy. >> stephanie: chris in janesville, wisconsin. >> caller: actually i'm call from chicago, but i grew up just south of janesville. i do lean republican and conservative, but you guys entertain me, and i like to hear every side of every story, but i do have some questions, and i'm disappointed that paul ryan didn't bring this up last night. they had the stimulus money that gaved gm but then gm closed
8:24 am
down the only plant that they outright own in janesville wisconsin. >> stephanie: when george bush was president, yes. >> caller: yes but what i'm getting at it hang on if it was when george bush was president, they closed it down after the stimulus money but yet obama is taking credit for saving the auto plan -- >> stephanie: the stimulus is different than the auto bailout.% >> caller: okay. they then turned around and used money from the bailout -- >> stephanie: but paul ryan said that barack obama killed the plant, which was a basic flat-out lie. all right. twenty-nine minutes after the hour, right back with markos moulitsas on the "stephanie
8:25 am
miller show." ♪ (vo) during the debates, it's hard to know what candidates are thinking. unless, of course you've stood at the podium yourself. with governors granholm, spitzer, and vice president gore, watch the only truly experienced presidential debate coverage.
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>>and now to my point. that is a whole bunch of bunk!
8:29 am
the powerful my steal an election but they cannot steal democracy. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> now see women are a lot like "saturday night live" sketches lots are awful, some are decent and a few are pretty good but then there's that one perfect woman who is as amazing as head wound harry. so me that woman is >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: chris writes of the paul ryan workout pictures. does the world really need
8:30 am
smirking workout pictures of a scrawny middle-aged guy dressed like blossom. [ applause ] >> stephanie: jay in atlanta, his favorite -- everyone is taking about his favorite -- i think any time they talked about foreign policy, he literally started to get smaller. >> he started to sweat a bit last night too. >> stephanie: he said a nuclear iraq is the world's [ inaudible ] decaded themselves to [ inaudible ] nuclear weapons [ inaudible ]. okay. and then joe biden. >> hold on there skippy. >> stephanie: she, he was like stewart on mad tv. war should always been the absolute last resort.
8:31 am
i may be mistaken governor romney changed his mind so often i could be wrong, but they are working, and they are being crippled by him. we made it clear that big nations can't bluff. this president doesn't bluff. >> but but, but, i think we should bomb them right away. >> stephanie: romney says bombing people is tough [ mocking baby voice ] >> by the way michael mcdonald said we did a great job. >> stephanie: oh. markos moulitsas good morning. >> good morning. >> stephanie: how are you, honey what did you think? we're all a little gloaty this morning. >> after last week i think we needed a dose in the arm. biden was fantastic. this is what we want from our
8:32 am
candidates. people who look like they want the job and not sit there and pretend that we have anything in common with the other side. and it was refreshing to see biden not to go up there and pretend that there is common ground, because right now there isn't. >> stephanie: that's it. carbon-based life forms that is the only thing that is the same. particularly after romney tried to make it seem like -- he basically said oh, yeah me too. which is the complete opposite of what he has been running on. >> yeah. i almost would like to forget the last week ever happened. >> stephanie: yeah let's pretend that didn't happen. >> it -- it was nuts and -- but you know what really struck me two things about the debates. one that we have spent the last
8:33 am
four years hearing how stupid biden is. >> stephanie: right. >> and the second thing about how they are strong and macho, and we were aggressive and nobody is second to us. and after last night, [ inaudible ] just completely destroyed the little wonder ken [ inaudible ] biden just chewed him up and spit him out, but second is hearing republicans whine about biden was so strong and aggressive and so mean. that is what they want. we gave it to them. they don't like it when it is directed to them. >> stephanie: somebody said obama was polite and lost and biden was polite. i saw ed gillespie on tv going paul ryan's huge win, i'm like
8:34 am
huh? >> yeah. in fairness -- i mean, i don't think ryan looked as destroyed as obama did. and i think part of that is the magnitude of the decision. you are the president. not some schmuck congressman that nobody have heard of before. on the other hand to me it does clear that by the time the night was over that paul ryan was sarah palin's sequel. >> stephanie: yeah i loved that joe biden took the sarah palin snipe, yeah, yeah death panels i heard that from sarah palin. >> i loved it when biden totally pressed ryan on earmarks. he wrote two letters talking about the jobs that would be created with these stimulus money. the team that whines about the
8:35 am
moderator lost. and the moderator actually bailed out ryan. because biden was just pressing him on those letters asking for stimulus money and he had no answer. >> stephanie: yeah. let's hear that again. joe biden last night -- the letters. >> okay. >> stephanie: there you go. >> i love my friend here. i'm not allowed to show letters but go to our website, he spent two letters saying by the way can you send up stimulus money here for the state of wisconsin -- >> you did ask for stimulus dollars? >> we advocate for constituents who were applying for grants. >> i love that this is such a bad program, and he writes me letter saying the reason we need this stimulus, it will created growth and jobs. his words.
8:36 am
i wish he would just tell -- be a little more candid. [ laughter ] >> and when you can't -- you can't show on the radio is that dumb-founded look that ryan had at that moment. and if the moderator hadn't said anything, he would have probably saturday there for a minute knowing what to say. >> stephanie: the minute you hear whining about the moderator, i agree that's the side that lost. but as you say it was kind of a flip of what happened last week right? >> yeah, and the good thing about what happened last week is it happened last week. >> exactly. >> stephanie: it's over now. >> it's over and we still have two presidential debates coming on. the townhall style will work to president obama's style.
8:37 am
mitt romney has had difficulty with that in the past. >> working with human beings. >> yes. and obama instinctively does not like confrontation. he wants to bring everything together and find consensus. and you would think after four years of being beat down by republicans where they are openly talking about they want to destroy him, you would think he would get a hint that these people don't want to work with him. and then last week happened. biden knows the score and he is not going to let them get away with it. obama i hope has gotten that message. i don't think anybody sees a president getting man handled by
8:38 am
mitt romney and says that was cool. >> stephanie: right, but i think that and last night's debate i absolutely think we'll see a different president obama in the next one. >> i don't think they have a choice. and obama always raises his game when his back is up against the wall. so maybe he thought he could just run out the clock, but now he is going to have to be more aggressive. >> stephanie: it reminds me of the eyes don't match. they just have to do -- they are spinning, right? >> yeah. yeah. and [ inaudible ] they have been brutal. with independent voters, it was brutal. even the cnn poll that showed ryan supposedly winning 48-44, cnn admitted that they oversampling republicans by way
8:39 am
too many. but my point is it wasn't the most representative sample and if that is what you are going to hang your hat on -- that did not play well. and the post debate polls, which is where romney really made strides last week. on friday after a full 24 hours of post debate spin right? >> stephanie: right. >> the post debate talk has been pretty rough on ryan but the president is the president. >> stephanie: and we have been saying, i do think we send to be a little bit more honest. we came in and said the president has a bad night. whereas they are just spinning. i'm reading some poll analysis
8:40 am
here. it says the most relevant poll comes from cbs news and it says it is 51% compared to 31% for ryan. i mean that was an ass kicking. [ laughter ] >> no doubt. >> stephanie: so you think the townhall will favor the president on tuesday. >> yes, and the fact that he went through this already once. it didn't work his way, and now he has to listen to advise to be more aggressive. he has done it in the past and it has worked for him in the past. so to be honest, i wasn't worried last week, so to say i'm not worried next week i could be wrong again. but obama does do well when his back is up against the wall.
8:41 am
obama is still winning in the polls. >> stephanie: yep. >> so all of the doom and gloom we have seen, it is because we have gone from an obama boil out win -- >> stephanie: to an obama win. >> right. a week ago we were talk about maybe competing in arizona, and now they are just talking about let's focus on the states we need to win. but i would like to see that with an obama crushing victory. >> stephanie: markos always great to talk to you, thanks so much, honey. >> pleasure. pleasure. pleasure. [ applause ] >> stephanie: there he goes. beautiful. forty-six minutes after the hour. right back with the remaining moments of the "stephanie miller show." >> that's a lot of zeros.
8:42 am
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:46 am
♪ want a little bit of -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ and a little bit of -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ it's getting hot in here ♪ ♪ i am getting so hot in here ♪ >> stephanie: get it. it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it, 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. all right. i was crunching these numbers that i was talking to markos about. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: biden won the crucial uncommitted voters block. according to the results 50% of uncommitted voters thought biden
8:47 am
was the clear winner. cbs had romney as the clear winner of the first debate using the exact same methodology. [ applause ] >> stephanie: so there, neener. chris writes when geraldo was overdramatic was he dressed like [ inaudible ]. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: speaking of [ inaudible ] it is our job to keep you apprised of the latest lindsay lohan and her mom's -- >> were they making out again. >> stephanie: tmz has leaked
8:48 am
audio that culminated in a small squad of emergency vehicles showing up at her mom's home. isn't this just like every family fight? deena tells listen say she is dead to her and is acting like the [ censor bleep ] devil. they were seen hugging outside of dena's home early this morning. that was just wednesday. [ applause ] >> once the liquor and the coke wore off they hugged. >> stephanie: who hasn't had a little tiff after a coke binge with your mother.
8:49 am
[♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> stephanie: wow elizabeth tailor had a three way with john f. kennedy and [ inaudible ]. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: gregory in north carolina. hello, greg. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: this is my first time on your show. and i love you. >> stephanie: thank you, go ahead. >> caller: i have three things be kind of quick. have you ever noticed last night when -- a question came towards paul stating that okay about the abortion and it seems like he -- it was like he was going to -- >> stephanie: yeah, he was going to explode. >> caller: oh i have to pick up a big line now. >> stephanie: yeah, he had to
8:50 am
catch his breath first. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: paul in seattle. >> caller: say, steph i got a kick of joe biden slapping the crap out of that little not nosed punk. i wish when they greeted in the beginning biden would have said go ahead, son, pull my finger. i guess since they don't pay 100%, like they pay 15%, that means only 1% is only paying about 10%. so who is paying all of the taxes in this country, huh? >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and the other thing they say i thought the 1% is paying 40% of the taxes.
8:51 am
>> stephanie: that was great. not mathematically possible. and then he is like never been done. i have seen it done a couple of times. >> yes. >> stephanie: cut eight here we go. >> there aren't enough rich people and small businesses to tax to pay for ufl their spending, so the next time you hear them say don't worry about it, we'll get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share, watch out middle class, the tax rate is coming to you. you can cut tax by 20% and still preserve his cuts for -- >> it has never been done before. >> it has been done before jack kennedy, and ronald reagan -- >> oh now your jack kennedy. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: mike in texas. >> caller: hi, how are you doing? >> stephanie: good, go ahead.
8:52 am
>> caller: i was watching cnn yesterday, and i thought that ryan had as much time as joe biden did to i guess speak his point across and i -- i -- the way i see this republicans say joe biden was being rude i say -- >> stephanie: on fox news when you hear rude it's charlie sheen speak for, winning. >> caller: yeah, exactly. if he is going to keep low beating ryan, because he doesn't answer the questions. >> stephanie: yeah exactly. hi, greg. >> caller: hey first time caller, really enjoy your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: all morning long on the cable networks the only thing they could talk about is joe biden smiling and smirking. i'm a political junky and if you
8:53 am
watch that closely, every time joe biden smiles was only when mr. ryan was lying. >> stephanie: exactly. and every time joe biden smiles an angel gets its wings. >> charlie pierce wrote a piece and he ended it with do you know what the difference is between sarah palin and paul ryan? lipstick. [♪ circus music ♪] >> stephanie: it's lipstick. you got it? okay. back by popular demend we will be doing the debate special on tuesday. you guys better scrimp together your gas money. >> yeah. >> stephanie: that's the question what will steph and jacki be wearing. now i'm throwing down. >> oh god. >> stephanie: have a great
8:54 am
weekend, everybody. we'll see you monday on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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